Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrating Sebastian

The last two weeks have been filled with celebration...and quite the cultural experience for me! Before last year, I had never celebrated Saint Sebastian--in fact, I didn't even know he was celebrated at all! In the United States, we don't celebrate too many saints--the one that I'm most familiar with is the Irish Saint Patrick. I took advantage of being in Palma for this special event and had a great time eating on the street, going to free concerts, seeing a laser-light show in the Plaza del Cort, watching the parade of demons with their firecrackers, and an amazing fireworks show in front of the cathedral. I especially loved the torradas, or as I think we would say in English, the barbecues. While barbecuing in the United States most likely means eating hamburgers or hot dogs, I was perfectly satisfied with my sobrasada and chorizo. How delicious!

...But did I mention the most special part of these celebrations for me? I've also been celebrating another Sebastian. The newest member to my family and the one that has made me an aunt! My little nephew is the son of my sister, and my parents' first grandchild. Born on January 4th, here's a photo of him in his first weeks of life:

How cute is he?!

I hope you all--like my nephew--had a wonderful San SebastiƔn!


  1. Congratulations to the proud aunt! He is really cute. I Do not believe in horoscopes but I'm a Capricorn too. It is not bad to set off life at the beginning of the year, isn't it? Is his name Sebastian? Well, keep us informed from time to time and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed San SebastiĆ .

  2. Hi Molly,I'm Ludmila...I went to the celebrity in saturday 23,january.I liked ,because I never went to this celebration.And...congratulations to your nephew,he's very beautiful.

  3. Hi Molly...congratulations for your naphew,he's very cute!!!!I'm not very sure,butI believe that he is similar to you,he is very beautiful.